Jon Gail, Founder
First-Time Homebuyer Expert

Why launch FirstHomeAdvisor®?

Thanks for visiting FirstHomeAdvisor®! My name is Jon Gail and I created FirstHomeAdvisor® because I love helping people learn about and purchase a home of their own.  I have been helping people do just that for 19 years.

On the site you will learn about the best first-time homebuyer programs and how to access them. I created the site because I hate to hear frustrated people ask, “Why didn’t somebody tell me about that program before I bought my house!”

Unfortunately some loan officers and real estate agents either do not know about these programs, or prefer not to offer them. Fortunately there are many others who do specialize in offering these types of programs and this Website will help you find them.

By helping you learn how to buy a house, I want to help you make more informed decisions. I will introduce you to homeownership programs funded buy HUD, FHA, state programs, tax credit programs and more.  Knowledge of these programs is half the battle.  Gaining access to them is the other half.  This site does both by educating you about your options and by improving access to the programs that best meet your needs.

Who is behind FirstHomeAdvisor®?

For over 19 years I have been involved in offering homeownership programs throughout my career. I am not a mortgage lender or a real estate agent, but rather I have worked for a variety of non-profit housing agencies at the state and local levels. In these positions I have enjoyed creating, marketing, and implementing homeownership programs funded by local, state, and federal resources.  I have extensive experience with home ownership programs like State Bond, FHA, HUD homebuyer assistance, tax credit programs, education, counseling, and more.

For over seven years, I managed Oregon’s state-wide home loan program, also known as, the “Oregon State Bond” loan. The program is similar to the other state-sponsored homeownership programs available all throughout the United States.

Throughout my career I also have helped create and administer down payment assistance programs funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that are compatible with FHA, USDA, VA and other types of home loan programs.

Recently for the City of Portland, I have also been involved in implementing a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program.  A MCC program provides eligible homebuyers an ongoing federal tax credit from the IRS.

The information I provide on FirstHomeAdvisor®.com includes the very type of homebuyer programs that I have helped develop and implement throughout my career.

How to contact FirstHomeAdvisor®?

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your feedback about the site. I am also eager to help you with questions and welcome your suggestions about what else you would like to see on this site.

Like any Website, it is a work in progress.  Over time it will continue to grow and evolve to better meet your needs. You can contact us with your comments and suggestions at any time and we will reply as soon as we can.

Thanks for visiting FirstHomeAdvisor®!